二、內政部移民署全球資訊網已建置「新式外來人口統一證號專區」 如政策說明、(中英文版常見問答及多國語言懶人包 )
四、客戶變更新式統一證號後,可點選 下載 →「 外來人口統一證號異動申請書【郵寄申請專用】」填寫後檢附居留證(新式統一證號)郵寄至本行開戶行址或本人攜帶居留證(新式統一證號)至本行辦理。

In order to assist the Foreign Nationals in renewing the “New UI No.”, COTA Commercial Bank provides assistance measures for the change of customer data.

Description as follows: 

  • New UI No for Foreign Nationals project has been implemented since January 2, 2021 of the Republic of China. Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency amend the current UI No.(2 English letters and 8 digits) format to compare with the Republic of China National UI No. format. (1 English letters and 9 digits)
  • The Global Information Network of Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency has established New UI No. area.
    (Including Policy description, Chinese and English FAQs and multi-language for dummies)
  • To inquire about the project information, please call the service station of the Republic of China. Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency, “1996 Service Hotline of the Ministry of the Interior” and “Consultation Service Hotline for Foreign National in Taiwan 0800-024-111 ”
  • After changing to New UI No., click→“New UI No. of Foreign Nationals Application Form【Postal use only】” .
    Attach the residence permit with New UI No after filling it, then mail to the original account branch. Or you can just bring residence permit with New UI to our branches personally to change your customer data.
  • After replacing your UI No., it is recommended to simultaneously provide relevant information to payroll employers, securities companies, public utility fee agencies, taxation agencies, etc., for them to successfully update your information to complete the deposit/deduct.
  • Since the tax filing period is going to end in late May, if you have assigned your Bank account as your tax deduction / refund account or plan to pay the tax by Bank’s credit cards, please make sure the UI No. of individual income tax filing and that kept in Bank are consistent to protect your own rights.
  • Customer Service Center:04-2225-2589 ext. 819 (Business Hours)